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I had always relied on group insurance from work. Bob helped me understand several options, answered repeated questions patiently, and feels like a trusted friend I didn’t know I had “in the business.” These choices are too complicated to go it alone. You can trust Bob. I have.

Chris B.

The answer to questions I had concerning Medicare coverage was exactly what I needed to make a decision on the type of coverage I would need for myself. Bob and his staff made it very easy and comforting to be happy with my decision on the coverage that I finally signed up for. I would and will refer this office to other people for insurance coverage.


“Good People deserve to have their insurance with Derby Insurance Solutions because they do business the ‘Old Fashioned Way’, prompt, courteous and insightful.They know to ask the right questions to meet your needs while not over-insuring your situation. The end result is that you, the customer, realize an affordable cost that satisfies your needs.”

Bob J.

“I found Medicare so confusing and needed help navigating the system. Derby helped me decide what was the best insurance direction for my needs. A year later they helped me again compare plans to see if there was a better option. I’ve been pleased with their advice and know I can contact them at any time with questions.”

Peggy S.


How do we help?


As a first-time client walking through the doors of Derby Insurance Solutions, you will be greeted with a warm smile from the administrative team. If you are calling in, you will experience that same warm welcome over the phone. Customer service is always a top priority, so the entire Derby Insurance Solutions team will always make a point to drop whatever they are doing and make sure they are there for you the first time, every time.

If you are looking for Health Insurance Agent Tulsa, you will be connected with one of their trained and licensed insurance agents who excel in the industry of health insurance. From there, they will spend some time gathering data to see if you qualify, get you a free quote, and even enroll you in the perfect Health Insurance Agent Tulsa policy at your convenience. And it all can happen over the phone in a matter of minutes! The application process for a first-timer is really quite painless when your agent is as professional and knowledgeable as the Derby Insurance Solutions team. They know the ins and outs to make sure you get the best possible coverage you deserve at rates you can afford! If you do not qualify, you will be equipped with plenty of information to allow you to firmly and confidently take the next step forward, whatever that solution may be for you.

The work does not stop when you are officially enrolled, but you can rest easy knowing that from there, the administrative team will take over monitoring your policy, while they keep in touch with your insurance company, and personally call to see issues through to resolution every single time. If there is a problem and it can be fixed, they most definitely will fix it. The quality of attention to detail and care is exceptional, and the administration staff’s diligence has made a significant difference in the lives of their clients on countless occasions. One example is when a long-time staff member discovered a multi-thousand-dollar error in the system affecting many agencies across the state that no one else had noticed.

If you have been a long-time client of Derby Insurance Solutions, you already know that every fall they will reach out to let you know what your plan will look like in the upcoming year and discuss your options, with plenty of time allotted to make any changes or updates as necessary during the Open Enrollment Health Insurance Agent Tulsa period. They also work hard to keep you updated and informed about any issues or changes to your plans or coverage. When you come to Derby Insurance Solutions for your insurance and financial needs, you are treated like family.

The Derby Insurance Solutions team will work with you throughout the year to make sure you are set up for success and promptly enact any changes you would like to make. As a full-service agency, they always take the approach that if they can make it happen for you now, why wait? The entire team endeavors to follow the example of their leader, Bob Derby, who is so dedicated to serve others that he often seems to be literally running from one appointment to the next. Bob works as hard as he can on behalf of each client and encourages the entire team to do the same. As a result, you will be hard pressed to find a team with a quicker response time. Why? Because you matter.

Without a doubt, the busiest time of the year for Derby Insurance Solutions is during Open Enrollment. Open Enrollment typically occurs from the beginning of November to mid-December. During these few short weeks, you will find this tireless team of professional agents reaching out to thousands of people to make necessary updates or any beneficial changes to their Health Insurance Agent Tulsa plans for the coming year. They also are busy enrolling hundreds of new clients in a health insurance plan, assisting in the often-complicated technical maneuvering of the Health Insurance Agent Tulsa Marketplace.

You will also find the Office Manager speaking to individual representatives from different insurance companies to see all new enrollments through to completion—anything less is not acceptable. It takes many hands, countless documents, and many files to make this company run, and extra effort is ongoing to keep customer satisfaction and security a top priority. There certainly is no skimping when it comes to service.

Perhaps you are in the market for something that Health Insurance Agent Tulsa alone can’t provide. Maybe you are looking for a solution that will take the financial burden off of your shoulders without requiring a large source of capital to funnel into certain high-dollar investments. Derby Insurance Solutions can help with those needs as well. Perhaps you are in need of something like a Term Life Insurance policy to provide protection for your family without breaking the bank to keep the coverage. When you sit down with our extremely helpful life insurance agents, they will walk you through the ins and outs of life insurance and explore every viable option that meets your unique situation.

They will happily give you a free quote and show you what your investment will provide for you and your loved ones. Whether you end up choosing a term insurance plan, or a whole life plan with a cash saving vehicle built in, you will get hands-on assistance throughout the application process from the best in town. As an independent agency, every recommendation is based on what is truly best for the client, and is not limited or restricted by company affiliations or kickbacks, so you will have numerous choices and unbiased recommendations. The team at Derby Insurance Solutions does all the research, and all the hard work to keep your financial-portfolio a thing of envy, and is on your side every step of the way. Once your policy is in-force, you will find this agency is just as reachable and just as eager to help, and you will find the Derby Insurance Solutions family to be on your team for life.

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