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Founder and President, Bob Derby, along with his wife, Paula, began Derby Insurance Solutions 21 years ago, officing out of their home in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. When he received his Life and Health Insurance Producer license in January 2001, he hit the ground running by putting office space in the upstairs family room and began making cold calls offering people solutions of health and life insurance policies that would protect them and their families should the unthinkable happen. All of Bob and Paula’s three daughters have memories of working in the office in small ways during those early years and eventually each one of them would go on to work in the business as adults.

In the early days, before internet technology grew to the capabilities that it has now, Bob would drive all over the state of Oklahoma to enroll clients in health insurance; sometimes making trips as long as 8 hours for a single Health Insurance Agent Tulsa appointment. It is amazing to consider that kind of sacrifice today, especially in light of how quickly an application with a client can be completed now, often in less than 20 minutes over the phone!

As Bob’s hard work and dedication began paying off, the business grew quickly and more space and staff soon became necessary. Bob and Paula enjoyed raising their family in Broken Arrow and loved the growing community, so they rented a 500-square-foot office space not far from their home. It was at this time that their middle daughter, Krista Swainsbury, worked in the business, assisting in sales and administrative work. It was only a matter of time before they grew out of that office space and needed to find something bigger. They moved to a new location that was double the size and just down the road, which was convenient for clients to be able to find them. The business really began to take a different shape around this time.

In March of 2010, the Affordable Care Act was signed into law and it immediately had a shocking ripple effect throughout the health insurance industry. While it would still be a few years before consumers felt the effects of the law’s significant Health Insurance Agent Tulsa changes, many agencies saw their profit margins disappear overnight. Countless health insurance businesses closed and even more agents left the industry entirely.

Bob and Paula recognized they had reached a point where they had to decide if they were going to find another way to provide for their family or whether they wanted to find a way to move forward and stay in this ever-changing industry. They decided to swim upstream from what so many others were choosing and stay in their business, offering health and life insurance solutions to families across the state of Oklahoma. While there were some challenging years of navigating the new Open Enrollment periods, the latest plans and laws, and educating their clients about all of the upcoming changes, the hard work paid off. Bob and Paula’s oldest daughter, Katie Calhoun, joined the Health Insurance Agent Tulsa sales team in 2010 and additional staff were hired to help this growing business in the middle of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.

It was also during this time that Derby Insurance Solutions brought a new product to the state of Oklahoma: Life Insurance with Living Benefits. Until 2012, not many people knew about this wonderful life insurance benefit. As the Derby Insurance Solutions team likes to say, it is “life insurance you don’t have to die to use!” This product is a joy to sell because it provides clients with the best protection for their finances and families when health struggles come their way. Derby Insurance Solutions helped launch this Health Insurance Agent Tulsa product in Oklahoma and they have continued to educate and increase awareness with the sole purpose of being able to help people in times when they need it most. Life Insurance with Living Benefits has allowed Derby Insurance Solutions to carry out its mission even more effectively—helping clients navigate the endless maze of insurance products and assisting them in buying the very best policies that can change their lives for the better.

With such a customer-focused business model and exceptional integrity, it is no surprise that Derby Insurance Solutions has continued to expand and grow. In 2014, Bob and Paula’s youngest daughter, Emily Derby, joined the team and is currently the Executive Assistant and Office Manager. Derby Insurance Solutions also employs many other people that are not part of the Derby family, but quickly have become indispensable to the operation and success of the business—and the entire team does feel just like family.

As the staff and business began to grow more rapidly, there was a need for a bigger office space. So, in June of 2018, Derby Insurance Solutions moved into yet another new office space in Broken Arrow that was designed and built to sustain the ongoing needs of the business.

As is common with the Health Insurance Agent Tulsa industry, there have been many ups and downs over the years that Bob and Paula have endured. From offering new companies and products for their clients, to navigating the new healthcare law, Derby Insurance Solutions has continually adapted to the changes in the industry and the needs of their clients. The Derby’s have stayed focused, dependable, and always willing to help others to protect what matters most. Because of this, Derby Insurance Solutions has been able to help thousands of individuals, families, and businesses find the protection and coverage they need in an insurance policy.

The future holds many bright dreams and exciting new Health Insurance Agent Tulsa goals for growth, while always maintaining the personal touch and family feel you will experience at Derby Insurance Solutions. This locally-based health and life insurance agency is always available to help you, quickly answer your questions, and find the best fitting plans for you and your family so that you can have peace of mind. The team at Derby Insurance Solutions is passionate about what they do and are committed to maintaining their primary mission as a family business devoted to protecting your family!