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Our office has been helping thousands of Oklahomans find the best plan at the best possible price since 2001. Our independent agency helps individuals, families, and small business owners shop health care plan options, enroll, and save money!

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    Finding the right insurance can be difficult. We handle the confusing stuff so you don’t have to.

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What can I say about the Derby Insurance team? In a word, excellent! Our family is in the best of hands, with people who genuinely care about our well-being. At Derby insurance solutions, we have found just what their name implies – solutions for our healthcare needs. It is an honor to give them our highest recommendation and say “Thank you” for truly being there for us.
-JudiJo A.

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“We are truly a family business. My wife and I, our three daughters and two sons-in-law are all licensed insurance agents!”

Who is Derby Insurance Solutions?


For more than 21 years, Derby Insurance Solutions has been known for its founder and driving force—Bob Derby. Building this family business from the ground up, Bob has always displayed impeccable character, integrity, attention to detail, and that “willing to go the extra mile” quality that is woven into the fabric of this humble Oklahoman.

As the business has grown and expanded, Bob has personally trained and mentored like-minded agents to build a professional Health Insurance Agent Tulsa team with the same heart, drive, and willingness to serve. Clients are quick to say, “they are wonderful,” or “they have taken such great care of me all these years,” or “I have known them for many years and they have always given me great service.”

Derby Insurance Solutions values putting people first—always focusing on the client’s needs instead of the dollar—and is diligent to ensure everything is done not only 100 percent above board, but also far beyond what is asked or expected. Their fruit speaks for itself with the satisfaction and peace of mind their clients experience knowing they are in good hands that care about them and their families.

Application enrollment, document processing and monitoring, follow-ups, and problem solving are all managed by the wonderful administrative team, which works tirelessly to help clients so they do not have to worry about those details.

In short, Derby Insurance Solutions works hard to find the solution for every insurance need that you may have. They are Health Insurance Agent Tulsa​problem-solvers and innovators. With their invaluable resources of training, experience, and knowledge, as well as working hard to forge strong, trusted relationships and connections throughout the industry, this team always ensures the client is first priority. If you don’t win, nobody wins.


What is Derby Insurance Solutions?


Derby Insurance Solutions is an independent insurance agency located in Broken Arrow, OK that can be summed up in a few words: local, dependable, eager to help, professional, and top-quality customer service. Equipped with an outstanding team of trained and licensed agents, Derby Insurance Solutions is armed with an array of skills, tools, and products to provide you with peace of mind and confidence that you are prepared for whatever comes.

Whether you need a custom-tailored Health Insurance Agent Tulsa policy to help cover an unforeseen diagnosis, or a life insurance policy with living benefits to protect your growing family—Derby Insurance Solutions is the right agency for you. Perhaps you are about to celebrate your 65th birthday and the world of Medicare is overwhelming and confusing—Derby Insurance Solutions can help you find the Medicare supplement that is right for you. Are you looking to diversify your investment portfolio and want something more secure than stocks with a better promise of payout? Derby Insurance Solutions has the solution. It’s not magic—just committed problem-solvers with a caring touch.

What kinds of insurance does Derby Insurance Solutions offer?


The insurance industry has become very broad and continues to grow at a rapid pace. Derby Insurance Solutions specializes in life insurance, health insurance, and retirement planning that benefits a wide range of people who have a wide range of needs.

Derby Insurance Solutions offers traditional health insurance options, including dental and vision plans, both on and off-exchange (through the federally facilitated Health Insurance Agent Tulsa Marketplace or directly through many reputable health insurance companies). They also offer group health insurance policies for businesses, large and small. They are expert in assisting a small business owner through the details of offering health insurance to their employees. As a small business themselves, Derby Insurance Solutions knows how to best help other business owners navigate the insurance world. As an independent agency, they have the freedom to find the perfect policy to meet each client’s needs in any situation they are in.

Derby Insurance Solutions also focuses quite heavily on reaching out to the Native American community, making every effort to bring awareness of the incredible Native American Benefits (N.A.B.) for major medical health insurance coverage made available through special provisions in the Affordable Care Act. A community with rights and benefits deserves to know about and partake of those benefits, and this team works closely with the local Native American community to bring health insurance solutions right to them, often at no charge to the client.

Once clients no longer qualify for the individual under-65 health insurance markets, Bob and his team guide clients into the world of Medicare with its myriad choices and nuances, all while educating and equipping them with supplements and the right contacts when needed. They are totally committed to helping clients find the right insurance plans in every single stage of life.

Varying types of life insurance policies are also a key component of the solutions this team offers clients. No one pair of shoes fits everyone, and neither does life insurance. Derby Insurance Solutions takes the time to understand each individual client and their unique situation, in order to better assist them on the path to security, peace, and financial freedom through a customized life insurance policy tailored perfectly to their needs. Derby Insurance Solutions stays up to date with the latest laws and Health Insurance Agent Tulsa regulations, the hottest new products, and the tested, tried-and-true plans that will protect you wherever you are at in life to make sure you are as prepared as you can be.

No matter what type of insurance policy you are in the market for, Derby Insurance Solutions is ready to help. All you have to do is simply reach out and you will find an amazing, well-prepared Health Insurance Agent Tulsa team waiting to assist you. They research, monitor your plans, and are quick to respond to any problem or concern. That same ethic has been ingrained in every valued team member of the staff at Derby Insurance Solutions. You will be thankful that you found an agent to run alongside you in the race of life with your success as their single driving motivator.


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