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Health Insurance Explained for Tahlequah Residents

Health insurance in the state of Oklahoma can be extremely confusing to navigate on your own. With so many terms and rules to remember and with so much potentially at stake, it is more important than ever to have a team of qualified experts behind you to help you make the right decision regarding your health coverage. Thankfully, there is Derby Insurance Solutions: the Health Insurance Agent Tahlequah trusts with all of their health insurance needs. But what are some of the ways that they can help you? In this article, we will outline the process of signing up for health insurance step-by-step, as well as tell you about all the ways the team at Derby Insurance Solutions can help you along the way.


Understanding Health Insurance

To fully understand the modern landscape of the health insurance world, we must first take a look at the law that sparked it in the first place. The Affordable Care Act law changed the way health insurance companies do business and changed the health insurance landscape for Americans. The biggest of these changes was likely the subsidization of health insurance premiums. Based on your income, a subsidy (also called an ‘advanced payment of the premium tax credit’ or APTC) from the government can potentially be applied to your monthly premium, lowering costs. This can be very helpful for individuals who make too much for Medicaid eligibility but not enough to realistically afford a full-price plan. Another change that came with the ACA was the removal of health questions from ACA qualified plans. Because of this change, you can no longer be denied for pre-existing conditions on an ACA certified plan. Additionally, the ACA introduced the Federally Facilitated Marketplace (or FFM.) This is an online marketplace where companies from each state can host their ACA certified plans. Keep in mind that terms such as Marketplace and ACA Certified are used synonymously, as this can be a point of confusion for come consumers. There are plenty of benefits to the ACA that we have not discussed here, so if you have any other questions, feel free to call Derby Insurance Solutions: the best Health Insurance Agent Tahlequah has to offer.


Getting A Free Quote From Our Team

The first step to enrolling in an ACA certified plan is getting a free quote. The best way to do this is to call Derby Insurance Solutions and provide them with details such as your age, household size, income, marital status and any other coverage you may be offered. The agent will review these details and use them to get a quote on the Federally Facilitated Marketplace to see how much an ACA qualified plan would cost you each month, less the premium tax credit amount you are eligible to receive. They will look over several plan-types and carriers and give you details on a few of the best products, at which point you can decide which plan sounds best to you. This easy, free, and intuitive quoting process is one of the reasons they are the Health Insurance Agent Tahlequah has known and loved for over twenty years.

Navigating Your Health Insurance Enrollment

Once the team member at Derby Insurance Solutions has given you a quote and you are ready to proceed with your plan of choice, you can begin the process of filling out and submitting a Marketplace application. This process begins with supplying some personal information such as your name, date of birth, address, etcetera; as well as that same information for your spouse and any tax-dependents. After this, the next step of the process is to review all information, ensuring its accuracy. Once this process is complete, the agent will read you a few agreements from both the marketplace as well as the Derby Insurance Solutions team themselves. Once you have stated that you understand and agree to all of the statements, by agreeing via recorded line your e-signature will be applied to the application. Next, the agent will review your eligibility results, letting you know if there are any documents or identification cards that must be sent in. Once this is complete the agent will review the details of your plan choice before officially enrolling you in the plan! After you enroll, the plan will typically be effective on the first of the next month. To go through the enrollment process, give the team at Derby Insurance Solutions a call!


Updating Your Application With Our Help

As time moves on, you may need to access your application in order to update information that may be outdated. This can include your address, phone number, email, income, household size, and a myriad of other details. Open Enrollment is generally the best time to make these changes. The Open Enrollment Period is the time of year that information about new plans and changes to existing plans typically becomes available, but also because it is the time of year when any consumer can change their plan without the need for a Special Enrollment Period qualifying event (such as marriage, divorce, gain or loss of a dependent, etc.) Keeping this in mind, you should always give the team at Derby Insurance Solutions a call to get a headstart on the Open Enrollment period. This year-round customer care is one of the many reasons Derby Insurance Solutions is the Health Insurance Agent Tahlequah relies on all year long.


Our Team Is Here For You

In conclusion, health insurance can be quite a confusing market to navigate. For over twenty years, the team at Derby Insurance Solutions has been the most trusted name in the Tahlequah health insurance market. The team at Derby Insurance Solutions is always here to help you navigate the confusing health insurance landscape and they are more than happy to do it too! With thousands of active policies and a five-star rating on Google with nearly one-thousand reviews, why not add yourself to the list of satisfied consumers? Call Derby Insurance Solutions today and find out why they are the number one Health Insurance Agent Tahlequah has to offer.