Native American Benefits


How does health insurance benefit Native Americans?

If you are a member of a federally recognized tribe, you can get health care in several ways. Indian health care providers treat American Indians and Alaska Natives at Tribal and Urban Indian clinics, and Indian Health Services (IHS) facilities. IHS is the government agency that provides health services to most America Indians and Alaska Natives. Health insurance is something you buy to help pay for health care expenses. You can see doctors or hospitals who have agreed to provide care to the members of that insurance plan. Health insurance does not replace Indian health care—it supports it. Health insurance puts you in control of your health. If you have ongoing health conditions like diabetes or high blood pressure, health insurance can help pay for treatment and prescriptions. If you have an unexpected illness or serious injury, health insurance can help pay for urgent treatment and limit your medical expenses. Even if you are already healthy, health insurance pays for many preventative services and vaccinations to help you stay that way.

NAB Facts You Should Know:

  • Members can keep seeing their Indian health care provider, and when they do, health insurance pays for their care.
  • For many members, the monthly premium payment will be $0.00 and the medical costs are at no charge to the members as well.
  • Doctor appointments, medicines, and hospital visits could be at no cost to the member.
  • Members of federally recognized tribes can enroll during any month—not just during the “Open Enrollment” period that happens once a year.

Benefits to the tribe:

  • Money can be saved. The insurance company pays the Indian health care provider when a member uses their insurance card, which means more money is left in the Indian Health System.
  • A large network of medical resources for the Indian health care doctors to refer the patient if needed.

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