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All About Group Health Insurance

Let’s face it, health insurance is a complex topic to discuss. For some people, it carries financial, business, or even political connotations. For others, it has real implications on their everyday health. Different people in different situations have different...

All About Life Insurance

Life Insurance. You sign a contract, pay a premium every month, and when you die you get a payout, right? This is certainly one of the major benefits that life insurance offers: making sure your family is taken care of after you are gone. However, this is not the only...

Why Independent Insurance Agencies Benefit Clients

People in every state have different insurance needs and there is no one-size-fits-all policy that applies to everyone. Residents of Oklahoma need a local independent insurance agency that understands the uniqueness of the state and is knowledgeable about a particular...

Top 5 Health Insurance Terms You Should Know

Shopping for insurance isn’t an easy feat in Tulsa, especially for individual health insurance plans. The terminology that accompanies health insurance can be very overwhelming and confusing if you’re not in the medical or insurance field. If you really want to get...

Important Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance Information

Call Center Focused on Payments and Application Status for the Weekend This Saturday, our Retail Customer Service Center at 866-520-2507 will only be handling calls related to checking on the status of an application or making a premium payment. Because these are...

Life Insurance: Common Questions

Life insurance and the importance of having it is something many people prefer not to think about. Unfortunately, if you were to look at your current situation and imagine something taking you out of the picture, are the people you financially support going to be...

How To Make Sense Of Health Insurance Plans

In today’s day and age, it can be tough to find quality health care. With so many options to choose from, where should you even start? While finding quality health insurance is enough of a challenge itself, how do you find affordable health insurance as well? Well, we...

Health Insurance Solutions and the Affordable Care Act

Let’s face it: the Affordable Care Act can be confusing. Finding health insurance is hard enough to sort through when plans are offered by your employer. Premiums, deductibles, out-of-pocket maximums, and more make it tough to find the right plan for you and your...

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Our passions is to educate people so that they can make informed decisions as to their insurance and financial planning needs. To reach this goal we have made several resources available online for you to use. Besides our online articles, Derby Insurance Solutions also hosts regular events to educate our clients on their insurance and financial needs. Click on the links below for more information.


Love the Derby team! They've been helping me with my health insurance questions and they've made me feel like family. Some businesses you trust and stick with knowing they have your back. The Derby's are those guys for me.

-Derek P.

I have been using Derby Insurance Solutions to help navigate the insurance world for over 5 years. They have unparalleled service and help answer all of my questions and help me find the best deal for my and my families needs. I have tried in the past to do it on my own and i end up paying for it. Use these guys and you won’t regret it. Katie is my rep and she is fantastic! Always goes above and beyond for me.
-Kyler E

I can't say enough good things about Derby Insurance, and specifically Katie who has gone to bat for us each time we have had a problem with BCBS, most recently with another Out-of-network issue. We deeply appreciate her expertise when it comes to asking the right questions and getting to the right people to take care of our concerns. We couldn't have done it without her and we would recommend Derby Insurance Solutions wholeheartedly for your insurance needs, whatever they may be.

-Sherrie P.

Our insurance situation was unusual and required a lot of research and some tough decisions. We were overwhelmed with information and running out of time when we called Derby. Katie was amazing! She answered our endless questions and calmed our fears throughout the enrollment process. Bob was a big help as well. The plan we ended up choosing has been perfect for us. Thank you Derby Insurance Solutions!

-Rhonda J

Bob has been my agent since 2005. He and his team have always been very responsive and have helped me find the health insurance plan that provides me with the coverage I need at the lowest possible price. I appreciate their help in navigating this confusing area of insurance coverage.

-Bill M.

I trust Derby Insurance Solutions for me and my family and highly recommend them. They are friendly, happy to assist in finding the right policy and have many options!

-Joel J

Bob is a man of integrity. He has taken care of my families needs and that of every client I send his way. Great family owned business!!

-Jason D.


Bob has been our agent for over 14 years. He is very knowledgeable about health insurance. Bob is great. Always has a great plan of action for our insurance needs.

-Kerri F.

I've been using Bob Derby for about two years now, they have wonderful service, and they truly care about the best interests and needs of the individual customer. You feel like you're treated like family and everything is customized perfectly for the needs of the individual. I would absolutely recommend doing business with Bob and his great group of people.
-Spiro M.

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