Call Center Focused on Payments and Application Status for the Weekend

This Saturday, our Retail Customer Service Center at 866-520-2507 will only be handling calls related to checking on the status of an application or making a premium payment. Because these are still our two largest call drivers that can be resolved with one phone call, we are hopeful we can get a large number of callers taken care of by not taking calls on issues that require more research and touch points to complete. This is particularly important as we approach the Jan. 30 premium payment deadline.

ID Cards Mailing Completed

All ID cards for policies with a Jan. 1, 2014, effective date have been mailed. This includes a large number of cards that needed to be corrected, and new cards being held while the correction was being made. Card processing is now on track and cards for February effective dates are in production.

Members Who Were Double-drafted Have Received Refunds

Members who use recurring bank draft to pay their premiums and were drafted twice in January should have all received their refund checks in the past week. If you have clients who should have received a refund but haven’t, please have them call us. In addition, members who had overdraft fees on their bank account as a result of the double billing should contact us at 800-792-8595 so we can refund the overdraft fees as well.