Money 101

Money 101 is a free dinner and workshop. We go to school for 12 to 16 years and learn reading, writing, and arithmetic; but never learn about “How Money Works!” This is not a sales seminar, but an educational setting. Bring your notepad, grab a bite to eat, and listen to the fundamental principles of money. Learn how to grow and protect your money for college funding, retirement planning, or simply wealth accumulation – with money you never knew you had.

The guest speaker is the President or Vice President of Five Rings Financial who we have partnered with for these events. Both fly in from Colorado just for the event. The guests are able to choose from various dinner entrees at no cost to them.

We look forward to seeing you there. Feel free to bring a friend. You’re our guest!


To inquire about upcoming events please fill out the information below or call our office: 918-451-9783